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Monday, May 25, 2015



WILBARO 2.0/GWIAN -Climate change is REAL!!!

Wilbaro 2.0 is a continuation of the first performance titled the same that was performed at our performing arts platform called Kipawa Sato, at the Kenya cultural Centre in 2008. Due to its tremendous success, we are the pioneer advocates of climate change in Kenya using performing arts.

Wilbaro 2.0  involves the use of different performing art forms like dance, live music, drama, and acrobatics… to spread out GWIAN‘s vision about environmental issues.. 

WILBARO 2.0 comprises of a powerful team of 20 artistes, fusing their talents to bring UNITY to combat Climate Change.
GWIAN is an association of artistes who have come together to develop artistic approach towards environmental education,  reduction of  poverty level through providing Eco-friendly activities that will uplift a common life in the community. GWIAN is more than awareness and educative program, but a fundamental development initiative.

Graph shows the drastic rainfall drop across Africa as a result of climate change

Climate change is one of the world major threats now. Responsibility of educating the community, creating awareness and coming up with Eco- friendly activities that will  work with an aim of keeping  the environment clean.

Drop in rainfall results in droughts that affects farming
 Talents are neglected in many regions. There is a great need to identify nature and develop these talents to international standards.
GWIAN with its projects works to create Eco-friendly opportunities that help educate, empower and grow the community to a healthy sustainable safe future.

Subsistence farming is the main source of food in Africa

By involving local artistes in our workshops and performances, GWIAN wants them to become Agent of Change. Artistes can spread information about global warming issues through their performing art and reach the entire population.

Here is a preview from WILBARO 1.0 ;

Be part of the campaign,support the fight,support WILBARO 2.0

For more information about our activities, visit


 A LETTER from Broadway;

Any performing artist from across the globe will agree with me that New York city is the Mecca of arts and culture.Not only does it have world class performances in its numerous theaters and circus halls it boasts of a population of more than eight million art enthusiasts from across the world.That's why "the others" seeks to establish contacts and collaborations that will ensure we share enjoy these great city and at the same time learn more about its role in development of world culture;This will be lessons that we can bring home to our "growing" and "infant"art Market.
A statue of Liberty at Las Vegas-New York New York
 The Great architecture,state of art theater halls:Urbane culture gives inspirations to the performances seen in Broadway as much as it takes from them.The underlying prominence of the performances can be seen around the city,especially the Graffiti infested Manhattan and as a cultural practitioner,its clear to see that art is not only a way of life..ART is Life;and its reflected in all aspects of life around,including sports,tourism,food architecture et cetera. The wonderful mix creates a lifestyle that would only be described by a New York-er.

One can only wish that our arts culture would be reflected more in our biggest triumphs in sports,traditions,and environment.This would create an identity, not only our artworks but also reveal our potential in all these fields to the art market worldwide.This will it help market our culture/lifestyle/artworks internationally.
Photo credits/Biko Adema/Rugby sevens

Friday, June 6, 2014

Oscar Adema

Production Manager,


Oscar Adema,Holds a bachelor’s in drama and theatre studies with an experience of more than 10 years in performing arts. A founding member of the Kenya Performing Arts group (K-PAG)/ Kenya Cultural centre, ardent performer and director at the Others Productions;Dance and theatre company..His passion for performing arts been core elements in his life. Among other roles and responsibilities and productions Creative director “Kipawa Sato”,Nairobi International Festival for the Arts, Musical Maasai Market,"Ondieki the Fisherman" he struggles to create a working link between broadcasting and performing arts in the country. 

Oscar Adema
Currently the Art Director,at Kelele FM and Gereji Matata, he seeks to ensure that stories made elaborate by use of props and make-up, an appealing set design and above all, good workmanship with lights and costume. At Gereji Matata the production is moreso deals with work related issues and conflicts, and also their domestic lives especially for Mr. Kibuyu and Tufena.Its Shot in different locations hence the creation of a Matata Area that could symbolize any peri-urban society, with different factors of production.




Papa prince Omuga Taya was born Julius Awiti in Kisumu , Kenya but grew up in the capital, Nairobi. Papa had the normal life of the town-folk of frequenting his village every Christmas year. This gave him the opportunity to socialize with the wise old men in the country.

He went to different primary and secondary schools, both in the urban and rural areas, and this has enabled him to feel the pinch of life in Kenya.
After completing his high school, Papa moved and settled permanently in Nairobi and tried his hand in many untrained jobs 

He later realized that he needed to be in a professional field at least to get some skills in his work. He joined an African -Dance group (Kalahari African Dance Troupe) where he studied different types of African dances, drumming and culture related practices for two years thereafter selected to join a dance and theatre company, Kenya Performing Arts group (K-PAG) for another two years. Through which he studied Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, and Movement, Physical Theatre and whatever form or aspect of ART that came his way. 

Papa has toured his own country Kenya, Burundi, Netherlands, UK and Belgium for international performances. He has offered both national and international dance workshops to primary, high schools, colleges, dance and theatre schools, prisons and in special schools for the hard students.
From all the experiences he has learnt to date, Papa is collaborating with Jade Pesaa with Directing and choreography of the “In Betweens” performance, in which they want to combine dance and theatre together to promote art in Kenya and offer our audiences something new.
In his community they say, ‘‘in as much as the hen will want to guard its chick from the eagle, it will also fear for its own life''!

Papa also has other interests, he longs to study literature, photo-journalism and above all, maybe become a politician so as to change way of life in Kenya and the world as a whole.

Since he believes that the world is just one big stage, we come, we act and we leave, and leave it better for the betterment of nature and its whole being and existence.
For more info visit his blog:




Born in Kenya, Jacob Oketch a.k.a Jade Pesaa is a member of The Others Productions Dance Company and also a project coordinator at Shangari communications which is a CBO since 2011. 

He was born in the year 1987 in Mombasa county of Kenya, went to airport view primary school, then Changamwe high school and cleared in 2004.

He Joined Travelling Theatre troupe (3T) in 2003 to November 2005 when he relocated to Nairobi to train and dance with the Kenya Performing Arts Group (K-PAG) based at the Kenya National Theatre to 2008.

In 2008 he became a member of Kunja Dance Theatre, Dance Forum Nairobi (DF-N), and Dance into Space (DIS) based at the Godown arts centre.

Jade’s fascination with exploring various forms of arts has led him to work with many artists, directors, choreographers, and producers in Kenya and abroad. He has used many different kinds of performing arts as expressive language.

This is part of his motivation in his creative discipline. Though its dance that has earned him a strong reputation.

More information visit:




The Others Productions,Dance and Theatre company is pleased to announce its latest creation.."Inbitwins "..

Premier Date: To Be announced:)

Status: Working Progress/Good

short description;

A Modern contemporary dance and theatre production,

Choreographed and directed by Jade Pesaa and Prince Papa,

Production Manager: Oscar Adema.


People in the world grow; socially, economically, spiritually, and or politically either retrogressively or progressively, there is a story that grows within US and so are the In-betweens.

As social beings, we always share our stories, stories depicting our lives, from childhood to our current statuses: stories of our achievements and failures.

We have a “sense of shame”, so as we narrate these stories of progression or degeneration there are always the “brief insights” we avoid deliberately.

These are our “secrets”...the ones we die with; these are the “in betweens”... (IN-BITWINS)

And for real, everybody has HELL lots of “In Betweens”. But perhaps the “In Betweens” might be the biggest story of your long story, a story to change a life or relay the great lesson learnt if told.

Until the time when others will be comfortable spilling out all their beans, personal liberty and freedom shall remain just but empty words and man shall remain perpetually “in between” the walls of mental slavery.

Monday, November 26, 2012

As WE END 2012.Its been FUN FUN FUN!


This should been posted much earlier..but as usual its been a burst of artistic endeavors here at THE OTHERS:)

Here is a sneak preview:
so we left out the Month of July,since we had the LAUNCH..all we have to stress is that the performance called "digitization of concepts" was performed at the KICC in July and it proved a break though towards using arts to rely concepts..then was the Launch of a Website and social media related  avenues for the client.

Jade and Papa working on the new show"In Between" at the Kaloleni Social Hall.

Oscar and Tony" breeze off" at the True Blaq offices.Nairobi

Then came the Launch of tangible products and we had to create a performance that could relate to the product.Use of technique and make up made the result a success.Since we managed to create an "immortal effect" for the brands.These was performed in Nairobi and Nakuru in the period of August through September.This made the creation of a duo performance called "In Between"..Although slow,the process was completed in time:)

At the National Theatre must been a good meeting:)

At the Bakawola.

20th  Century (IMAX) building Nairobi preparing for a gigg.

Let the show begin..Oscar and Yayo gives a sample to the streets of Nairobi

Hamisi still needs body paint.

Its ON...Kwachboy and denno

Denno "seals"


October Marks the Festival"season at The OTHERS..for instance we had the:

The Slumfest 2012,managed by the Ghetto Potential:Hosted at the Kariobangi Primary school
The Kids Centre presented by the Micheal Joseph centre/Safaricom Ltd ,These time represented by the Tarumbeta Junior dancers..

The Kenyatta University Culture usual we had a major appearance:) although this time the Others worked with the Mighty Jambo Circus academy to present a lady acrobatic production that we presented at the Bishop square and the Gala day at the KICC. see you next year KU!!

Punjabi university presents a Bhangra dance at the Bishop square..Kenyatta University.

Mighty Jambo Circus Academy's SAIDI does what he does the audience

The Girls doing their thing/The organizers termed it the best performance from Kipawa Sato yet..well i can only say that we still have a lot in store for you KU

The Uumuntu Festival,organized by Shangari communication..where the Others presented a performance called :"In between".This happened at the Usual venue,the Lois leakey auditorium,The National Museum of Kenya.
Ceo Business/Adema

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan university(SA) performs a dance piece,

Meanwhile  SAIDI makes it look easy....

  But the High table thought otherswise..epic!!

Festival of Solos of duets..hosted by the Nairobi Dance the Goethe Institute where we also performed "IN Between" and participated in a week long workshops by visiting choreographer and dancers

 Thanks to Nimo..the designer and the beautiful Models of Mr and Miss KU

 Before we look south..i mean this is Nelson Mandela Metropolitan for you!!

Jade at the Panafric with Nairobi Ensemble crew

 Nairobi Ensemble performs at the same venue

Before the Mighty Jambo Circus Academy crowned it all..this was a great night

 Last but not least we had the Theater for Development 3rd slum fest at the Kenya National Theatre where we presented a contemporary dance piece called"take That' to a motivated audience comprising of more than 500 artistes.

 CEO Business..whats next?

Hamisi Preaches..At the LAUNCH

Oscar Reaches...At the LAUNCH

As Yayo stresses a point home..At the LAUNCH

Papa Rocks the people at the LAUNCH

Also during this festival time we also had performance for corporate clients that we can disclose due to our confidentiality clauses.all along we managed to grow both in size,resources and productions.As we end the year we can only hope that we complete our remaining plans before the year end.

Yours Truly,
The Others Productions