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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kipawa Sato 1.0

Watch This Space:

Alfarez,fred,teacher,and Bayaya( Chagala ) Rocks at the first Kipawa Sato

 Kipawa Sato Background:

In 2008 just after our registration by the Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture, we collectively formed the Artistes Network which was in the forefront of addressing social issues like global warming in Kenya. 

Oscar and Jemo at the Kipawa Sato

Together with Shangari Communications, the Kenya Cultural Centre and Citizen TV we undertook an artist development and exposure programme dubbed Kipawa Sato.

Fortune jade,Tony Ochieng and Papa consult at the Kipawa Sato Gala

Mc Romeo

’Kipawa’ is a Swahili word for talent, ’sato’ is Swahili slang for Saturday. We got weekly coverage from Citizen TV and by its finale the 6 months programme had reached over 20 million Kenyans and the network grew to a record 1,800 members.

Estelle,oscar and Francisca at the Gala

Part of the crowd at the Gala

Liz and Her sister follow the proceedings at the Gala

Mike Wamaya and Oscar Adema Lead "gracie" to the show area:)

Papa Prince ready to Perform the Wilbaro show at the Gala

Ruhia Dancers present a Traditional Gikuyu song and Dance

dj Yaaman on dex

dj yaaman on dex still:)

Antii's Republic..The Others:)

part of the crowd..1.30 pm!! 30 minutes to showtime..

Rhythm Entertainment Director on the sounds at the Gala

African Beauty goes on to win the overall best performance award 2008


Bafu chafu was dea

The Others Productions seeks to collaborate with other stakeholders towards creation of avenues that can help promote and develop arts in the country. Kipawa Sato features mainly in that process where we identify, promote and help generate interest in our creative economies.

Watch Videos from Kipawa Sato 1.0


The Others Productions

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  1. Hey,
    This only applies for those artist who participated in 2008,Any new artist who wish to participate must send his/her demo to us @ the cultural centre or email/inbox on facebook before we announce formal audition days.