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Friday, June 6, 2014

Oscar Adema

Production Manager,


Oscar Adema,Holds a bachelor’s in drama and theatre studies with an experience of more than 10 years in performing arts. A founding member of the Kenya Performing Arts group (K-PAG)/ Kenya Cultural centre, ardent performer and director at the Others Productions;Dance and theatre company..His passion for performing arts been core elements in his life. Among other roles and responsibilities and productions Creative director “Kipawa Sato”,Nairobi International Festival for the Arts, Musical Maasai Market,"Ondieki the Fisherman" he struggles to create a working link between broadcasting and performing arts in the country. 

Oscar Adema
Currently the Art Director,at Kelele FM and Gereji Matata, he seeks to ensure that stories made elaborate by use of props and make-up, an appealing set design and above all, good workmanship with lights and costume. At Gereji Matata the production is moreso deals with work related issues and conflicts, and also their domestic lives especially for Mr. Kibuyu and Tufena.Its Shot in different locations hence the creation of a Matata Area that could symbolize any peri-urban society, with different factors of production.

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