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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kenyatta University Culture Week 2011


Watch it on YOUTUBE
As expected,This years culture week at K.U saw us perform a record four shows:)The opening ceremony was a hailstorm instead and we had to appease them ancestors. Any ways we had mad fun and we thank the Kenyatta University culture week committee for the invite,Hopefully next year everything will be better:) Here are some images..

Hamis Mzee and Fortune Jade Pesaah Upon arrival at the KICC Venue

Mwanzo Smarti @ Bishop sq- Kenyatta University

Hamisi Mzee Reps The Others Productions"Mwanzo Smarti"

Kipawa Sato Acrobats reps The Others Productions@ KU culture week

Oscar Adema with University of Rwanda Troupe

Bakawallin@ Kenyatta University grounds.

Oscar Adema on the Drums@ KICC "Mwanzo smarti" show,KU culture week

Flaunt it:)

fortune jade Pesaah:)

We got rained on:(

Hamisi Mzee in "Mwanzo Smarta"

The Others logo:)

Thank You K.U:)

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