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Friday, June 6, 2014




Papa prince Omuga Taya was born Julius Awiti in Kisumu , Kenya but grew up in the capital, Nairobi. Papa had the normal life of the town-folk of frequenting his village every Christmas year. This gave him the opportunity to socialize with the wise old men in the country.

He went to different primary and secondary schools, both in the urban and rural areas, and this has enabled him to feel the pinch of life in Kenya.
After completing his high school, Papa moved and settled permanently in Nairobi and tried his hand in many untrained jobs 

He later realized that he needed to be in a professional field at least to get some skills in his work. He joined an African -Dance group (Kalahari African Dance Troupe) where he studied different types of African dances, drumming and culture related practices for two years thereafter selected to join a dance and theatre company, Kenya Performing Arts group (K-PAG) for another two years. Through which he studied Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, and Movement, Physical Theatre and whatever form or aspect of ART that came his way. 

Papa has toured his own country Kenya, Burundi, Netherlands, UK and Belgium for international performances. He has offered both national and international dance workshops to primary, high schools, colleges, dance and theatre schools, prisons and in special schools for the hard students.
From all the experiences he has learnt to date, Papa is collaborating with Jade Pesaa with Directing and choreography of the “In Betweens” performance, in which they want to combine dance and theatre together to promote art in Kenya and offer our audiences something new.
In his community they say, ‘‘in as much as the hen will want to guard its chick from the eagle, it will also fear for its own life''!

Papa also has other interests, he longs to study literature, photo-journalism and above all, maybe become a politician so as to change way of life in Kenya and the world as a whole.

Since he believes that the world is just one big stage, we come, we act and we leave, and leave it better for the betterment of nature and its whole being and existence.
For more info visit his blog:

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