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Monday, May 25, 2015


 A LETTER from Broadway;

Any performing artist from across the globe will agree with me that New York city is the Mecca of arts and culture.Not only does it have world class performances in its numerous theaters and circus halls it boasts of a population of more than eight million art enthusiasts from across the world.That's why "the others" seeks to establish contacts and collaborations that will ensure we share enjoy these great city and at the same time learn more about its role in development of world culture;This will be lessons that we can bring home to our "growing" and "infant"art Market.
A statue of Liberty at Las Vegas-New York New York
 The Great architecture,state of art theater halls:Urbane culture gives inspirations to the performances seen in Broadway as much as it takes from them.The underlying prominence of the performances can be seen around the city,especially the Graffiti infested Manhattan and as a cultural practitioner,its clear to see that art is not only a way of life..ART is Life;and its reflected in all aspects of life around,including sports,tourism,food architecture et cetera. The wonderful mix creates a lifestyle that would only be described by a New York-er.

One can only wish that our arts culture would be reflected more in our biggest triumphs in sports,traditions,and environment.This would create an identity, not only our artworks but also reveal our potential in all these fields to the art market worldwide.This will it help market our culture/lifestyle/artworks internationally.
Photo credits/Biko Adema/Rugby sevens

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