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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kabisa...! 2010

Breaking News!!

In 2010 we staged a professional show called Kabisa...! (Kabisa {adj.} 1.Complete, ultimate, extreme) that attracted both national and international attention. 

Kabisa..! Poster

We also had a pre show that was broadcasted live by the KTN Television on 12th July 2010.We had extremely positive feedback which lead us to restage it three more times at the Kenya National Theatre and once at the Kampala National Theatre in Uganda.

 This was collaboration with a visiting international artist, Pablo Latona(Australia); it was the talk of town due to its diversity. We specialize in professional dance and theatre, whilst Pablo Latona is a maestro in clowning, illusion, magic and physical theatre.

Watch Kabisa Highlights on You-Tube:)


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